Hello world – so it says

2 08 2010

Hello, world, my name is Pepi. Teachers call me Romeo, until they ask me how I want to be called. This site, by the way, is my blog for my J117 class.

I’ve been blogging since I learned how to put together my first site on Geocities at 12 years old. Some of my older stuff are still present around the Internet (I won’t tell you where they are) and when you read them, they are definitely cringe-worthy, for they were all products of a young, growing, pubescent mind. (Today I can say I’ve matured, even if just a little bit.)

So what is this blog going to be about? To be honest with you, I’m not quite sure myself; I think we’ve been given the license to go carte blanche, so whatever this blog is, right now it’s a concept that is fluid. If you stick around, you may witness it being molded and hammered into shape right before your eyes. If not, it might be magically different when you come back after a while.

I’m a journalism student, so my published articles (if I actually do manage to get published) might end up appearing here. I’m a huge pro wrestling buff (yes, I admit it), so maybe I might go out on a limb and write about it here (even though I already write about it here). Or if that’s too extreme for you, I can talk about sports too – you can get NFL, NBA, and UAAP from me. Most of the time, though, I usually rant about Philippine politics and society, and one common theme shall be comedy (if you haven’t noticed yet). Life shouldn’t be too serious.

A melting pot of ideas! Aren’t you excited? …Not really? Well, I am! For real!

So… what’s there left to say? I think I covered all the bases, and we’re all set to go here. Thank you for coming and reading – and a shout-out to my J117 classmates reading this in class right now. I CAN SEE YOU.

Here’s a fun little video to send you off on your merry way.




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