My favorite sports blog, under a microscope

17 08 2010

I love sports, I love comedy on the side of the satirical and the subtle, and I definitely love to read blogs. So naturally, my favorite sports news/opinion blog is

What is Deadspin? It’s certainly not for the easily offended, that’s for sure. It’s uncouth in its wit, making it look like there is a lack of professionalism, but I doubt they would admit to being professional themselves. Deadspin’s writers take real sports news and adds a layer of wit and sarcasm to it that may come across as disrespectful to those who are first-time readers, especially for serious topics, like player injuries and deaths. The “usuals” in the comments section, though, are not only numbed to this treatment of the news, but are also part of the Deadspin machine as well. For example, take this recent post about a pro wrestler who died very young:

You can click the image to enlarge it so you can read what they’re saying, but for those who didn’t, to sum it up, they’re not exactly mourning or expressing remorse or regret over the person who passed away. No; in fact, they are debating on the philosophies of wrestling entrance videos and making rather harmless jokes about other deceased wrestlers.

But all of this doesn’t mean to say that they always get away with it. Their freewheeling writers have earned them scandals such as this:

For those who didn’t click, it’s all about a promotional interaction session with comedian Sarah Silverman that imploded due to various factors. However, they do seem to already expect controversy due to their style, and thus are already used to it.

So while it may not be the epitome of professionalism and high-quality sports journalism, I for one like Deadspin, because of all the wit, and because sometimes, there are some legitimate, substantial views and opinions underneath that wit. And not to mention, their news isn’t fabricated, anyway, so I could count them as a legitimate news source. Professional, probably not, but legitimate, definitely. I can see where some people would be turned off, though, and I understand.

No matter what people say, sports is still largely a man’s world. If Deadspin personified anything the most, it would be that one notion alone… and I suppose it doesn’t bother me, being a man.




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